What kind of jewelry should Chan Luu make next?

Chan Luu is a famous jewelry designer. Her DNA handcrafted jewelry designs speak of the potential of her talent in the fashion industry. Chan Luu is known for her unique fashion products with no systematic line or trend to follows. While not following any fashion trend, she creates her fashion, which is difficult to emulate and that is why you will not find any generic made jewelry and the maker claiming that it is Chan Luu who made it. Even fashion analysts cannot precisely predict the kind of jewelry Chan Luu will make next. What we know for sure is that she is going to come up with unique pieces of fashion that we will all talk about.

As much as there is an element of unlimited creativity, what we have seen from Chan Luu since she began designing jewelry is enough evidence to remain heads high on her next release. Chan follows no fashion trend. She creates new products with new, unique and lovely designs. For both male and female jewelry, she is capable of making pieces that the celebrity class yearns for. In the fashion industry, it is common to play ladies first. Therefore, even with Chan Luu, ladies come first in her mind during design. However, this does not mean that men have little Chan Luu jewelry taste. It is from the ladies jewelry that she gets inspired to create jewelry for the two genders.

Next in the Chan Luu jewelry is possible to increase the number the number of alternative female and male jewelry. The two genders have different tastes. For a long time, the female gender has led in the fashion and jewelry consumption. Today’s male is also consuming fashion and jewelry but even Chan Luu, like many other fashion designers, understand that both male and female have different tastes when it comes to fashion and more so jewelry design. Of course, she crafts her jewelry. Handcrafting and response from the market give clue of what she should create and bring to the market next.

Chan Luu gives attentions to details. She also has her fast fashion experience, passion and talent all in her disposal. Her celebrity client class feels that they have a custom made jewelry that have a satisfying taste as compared to that industry created jewelry. If you are asking about what kind of jewelry should Chan Luu make next? She is thinking about creating jewelry that will grace the red carpet in future. She has everything to achieve this dream. Better still, there is no way hand made products are going to be pricey. For any person of any economic status, there will be a red carpet inspired jewelry coming your way straight from Chan Luu.

The names of the next in line Chan Luu products cannot be revealed until each new jewelry is out. You will rarely find her past products still selling. Everything she has is new because she is not reproducing anything. Chan does not have an industry. Therefore, if you have missed one of her neck or wrap bracelet and necklace, which you badly wanted to own, be sure that piece is not coming back. Fortunately, you will find a unique, new and better piece as an alternative.

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Which Chan Luu Pieces are the best?

Chan Luu is a creator of fine various adornments and embellishments. Initially from Vietnam, Chan Luu moved to Boston and later Los Angeles. Chan Luu gems pieces have been highlighted in the top magazines and have enhanced Hollywood’s most smoking big names. Utilizing hand cut semi-valuable stones, dots, and hued new water pearls, Chan Luu’s trademark is her aesthetic ability in consolidating abnormal structures with wonderful hues to make genuinely striking pieces which set the pattern in style gems.

Each Chan Luu outline fuses naturally motivated shapes with crisp and present day thoughts to make a line that is new, one of a kind, and exceptionally wearable. Chan Luu utilizes excellent materials, for example, sterling silver, gold vermeil, calfskin, crisp water pearls and semi-valuable stones. Whether you’re going for current bohemian or basic ordinary pieces, Chan Luu gems make the ideal canvas to your very own style.

Chan Luu is a Los Angeles based contemporary way of life brand offering carefully assembled gems, scarf and attire items. Chan Luu outlines join social components discovered worldwide with a present day California impact to make the mark Chan Luu style. Our items are made with top notch materials and are high quality to accomplish a characteristic look and feel.

Chan Luu wrap wrist trinkets ought to never be worn in or presented to water. On the off chance that the calfskin or stones on your wrap arm jewelery need cleaning, basically spot clean where required with a clammy fabric. You can likewise utilize a non-shaded cleanser for spot cleaning if fundamental.

Chan Luu sterling silver engraved catches can be cleaned with a sterling silver cleaning material or sterling silver fluid arrangement. All Chan Luu adornments accompanies a Silk Mesh Bag or Silk Box. These are extraordinary approaches to store your gems when they are not being worn. All Chan Luu scarves are Dry Clean Only. All Chan Luu attire accompanies care directions particular to the thing. If it’s not too much trouble take after the name’s consideration suggestion. Chan Luu is not at risk for things harmed because of ill-advised consideration. On the off chance that you have any extra inquiries with respect to item mind, please contact our Online Store Customer Service by telephone or email.

Chan Luu Gift Cards are just accessible to be acquired in foreordained dollar sums and to be utilized at the Chan Luu Online Store. Blessing Cards can be sent to your preferred location or E – Gift Cards can be messaged to your preferred beneficiary.

To make a buy utilizing your Gift Card you should first make a Chan Luu Online Account. At the Checkout installment screen you can enter the Card number found on the back of the card or inside in the E – Gift Card email to be connected to your request. On the off chance that the sum to be obtained is not exactly the sum on your Gift Card, the remaining blessing parity will stay on your card to be utilized at some other time. On the off chance that the sum to be bought is progressively that the sum on your Gift Card, the remaining parity owed can be paid with a noteworthy Visa card to finish the request.

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What Jewelry Brands are Comparable to Chan Luu?

Chan Luu is a brand name of contemporary lifestyle that offers wide variety of hand crafted scarves, apparel and designer jewellery in Los Angeles. They create the signature designs of Chan Luu by combining cultural elements found all over the world in with modern Californian elements.

Chan Luu brand was established by Chan in 1996 to create quality jewellery designs by taking inspiration from various cultures throughout the world. The use quality materials to give natural look and feel to their hand crafted products. The vision of Chan for creating completely hand crafted designer scarves, apparel and jewellery did not change even after so many years. They use quality craftsmanship to include patterns and intricate details to each of their designs to give a unique character to every piece. In this way they develop a unique and authentic connection between the consumer and the design through this exclusive approach.

A hand-painted seashell necklace with leather cord is one of the original handcrafted designs of Chan which was by a stylist worn by Jennifer Aniston during Milan Fashion Week. The photos taken by the stylist, who approached Chan for this purpose, went viral throughout fashion world immediately. After receiving overwhelming response about her designs from all over the world Chan took it as a golden opportunity to expand and develop her collections of her designer jewellery and accessories.

Chan travelled around the world to search to inspirations and original designing techniques so that she can establish and develop her designer brand. After this tour Chan used various weaving techniques to design her handcrafted apparels and scarves with strong cultural connectivity which can be worn by the consumers of modern generation. She also designed symbolic wrap bracelet in 2001.

Chan also collaborated with organisations like the United Nations – International Trade Centre and Breastcancer.org due to her passion for philanthropy along with travelling and designing exclusive pieces of jewellery and apparel. While working with the organisations like United Nations Chan created a new line of designer jewellery to support the artisans in underdeveloped countries like Kenya and Haiti under the name of Chan Luu Ethical Fashion International. Though it was not a charitable setup but still it was developed as an opportunity for the local artisans to develop their skills for crafting and producing jewellery and promote a successful, sustainable and strong industry for long time. Since the establishment of Chan Luu Ethical Fashion International in 2011, it has created more than 1000 jobs in 24 different communities.

The handcrafted scarves, apparel and jewellery of Chan Luu are worn by various celebrities including Freida Pinto, Alessandra Ambrosio, Vanessa Hudgens and Jennifer Lawrence etc. Various prominent fashion bloggers like Arielle Nachmani of Something Navy and Julie Sarinana of Sincerely Jules were also seen wearing the designer products of Chan Luu.

Each piece of Chan Luu brand jewellery is handcrafted individually by the artisans of various countries like India and Vietnam to maintain its uniqueness. No two pieces will look alike.

Thus there can rarely be any jewellery brand comparable to Chan Luu.

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How do other brands match up to Chan Luu?

Jewelry is an everyday wear to both men and women. It never grows out of fashion and people simply can’t outgrow it. Jewelry was a fashion statement years ago and will remain so long into the future. In this case, multiple designers are trying to venture into the art of crafting this immortal fashion item. They are trying their best to match up existing and already recognized designers such as Chan Luu. The only way that they can deliver satisfactory products in the market is by borrowing tips and ideas from these giants.

The fact that Chan Luu is a force to reckon with puts it on a higher pedestal among all other designers of Jewelry. Aspiring, as well as established brands, are looking to play in the same playing field as Chan Luu. This is of course because of the high-quality products under their name as well as popularity in the fashion industry. This, they do in various ways.

1. Putting Out High-Quality Products
Quality is everything in the fashion world. Crafting high-quality jewelry made with the authentic and unique material will springboard you to success. Just like Chan Luu, other brands are putting more focus on the kind of jewelry that they launch. In this case, they put more emphasis on designing their jewelry using high-quality materials that guarantee their clients durability and class. If these brands aren’t doing this, then they simply aren’t trying hard enough. A piece of jewelry may appear simple in design but the kind of materials that it is made of will enable it to stand out from the rest. This is one of Chan Luu’s policy and others are motivated to match up by following suit.

2. Cementing their Brand Name
Any business is nothing if the market does not know of its existence. The more you spread the word about it to your potential clients the more meaning it gets. Chan Luu is a household name that runs across the globe. Their jewelry line does not need much hype being pumped into it because it is an already established company. The quality of their product sells itself and people know exactly what they’re paying for when they purchase Jewelry from Chan Luu. Other competing brands have realized the secret to getting their names on the same level as Chan Luu. This is why they follow keenly on the tactful approaches that Chan Luu showcases as far as their brand is concerned. Afterall, you can only learn from the best how to be the best.

3. Designing Unique Jewelry
Anybody can design jewelry. Even a toddler can do so with macaroni and beads. However, it sets you apart from the rest if you back your brand name up with the best team of designers. Chan Luu has the best masterminds in their design team. This way, everything that comes out of their doors is stunning and unmatched. Other brands have learned to match up this talent by also getting great designers on their team in order to elevate their products to the same level as this well known legendary brand.

The fashion world is a web of competition and motivation. Other brands have understood the benefits of borrowing tips from well-respected designers such as Chan Luu and are working hard in implementing them. By emulating their designs, materials as well as business ideas, they climb higher in the fashion world hence gaining a chance for their products as well as their name being recognized.

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All about Chan Luu Jewelry

Chan Luu is a popular name in the jewelry field, and a brand that is loved by all. Let us now get to know all about Chan Luu jewelry. The designer, Chan Luu, started her jewelry and accessories line way back in 1996. She is popularly known for her beautiful way of combining contemporary ideas with organic shapes, thus creating pieces that are wearable, hand made, unique, and can be worn by women of any cultural background and age.


Chan is best known for her splendid wrap bracelets that you can get in various types of hand-cut semi-precious stones, gold vermeil, custom dyed leathers, and sterling silver. She has become a big name in the fashion industry as her creation features in the most popular fashion magazines, and has been worn by the most famous Hollywood celebrities including Eva Longoria, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Alexa Chung, Lady GaGa, Rihanna, and others. Some of her popular pieces have been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Elle, Vogue, and so on. Be it bohemian or modern, or classic and simple, Chan Luu offers the most splendid jewelry range to suit every woman, all across the world.


You can just never go wrong wearing one of the classic wrap bracelets, and in fact, these are the most popular range of Chan Luu. They are available in variety of leather colors with different types of nuggets or stones. These bracelets are handcrafted in Vietnam, giving utmost importance to the quality of each and every piece. Be it the white mix crystal wrap bracelet, silver shade double wrap bracelet, strawberry quartz mix sectioned wrap bracelet or others, each of them are equally splendid.


Not only wrap bracelets, Chan offers a great range of other types of bracelets too, and each of them are equally stunning. The silver agate cuff bracelet, the rainbow agate cuff bracelet, the silver etched open cuff, the cream pearl mix bracelet set, all of them are so beautiful, that it will be difficult for you to pick just one.


Chan Luu has created her earring range with equal care, and thus, every pair created is stunningly beautiful. Be it the simple silver cross studs, the elegant silver agate drop earrings, the gorgeous rainbow agate dangle earrings, the attractive gunmetal agate dangle earrings, the classy silverite thread thru earrings, or others, you are sure to love every piece the store offers.


The neckpieces offered by Chann Luu are equally attractive. The rose gold agate short necklace, the natural white agate pendant necklace, the smokey quartz framed pendant necklace, the garnet drop pendant necklace, and lots more are in store for you.


Jewelries are something not only women, but also men like. Keeping this in mind, Chan Luu has a special collection for all men who love sporting jewelry. The exclusive bracelets for men incorporate unique rustic styles in a versatile and subtle way to create a range that fits into everyday look. The necklace range for men offers a masculine take on urban style, with earthy elements and natural stones giving these pieces a strong versatility fit for everyday wear.


Chan Luu is getting more and more popular by the day, and not without reasons. The style, the look, everything about her entire range is so unique, so beautiful, that once you go through the collection, you too will be left amazed.

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